Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-04-27T14:44:19-04:00
Can I have a campfire or wagon ride?2021-04-27T21:20:17-04:00

Yes. It would be our pleasure to provide these activities. There is an additional charge for the wagon ride.

Do you have an Emergency Plan?2021-04-27T21:19:56-04:00

Yes. Most staff have been professionally trained in CPR / First Aid. Staff is equipped with radios and cell phones in order to communicate effectively during an emergency. CL positions Emergency Weather radio in key staff areas to monitor during severe weather conditions. In the case of emergency weather, staff are trained to direct your group to the designated safe havens.

Do the hotel rooms have TV’s or telephones?2021-04-27T21:19:14-04:00

No. Our desire is to remove distractions so that you can dedicate your full attention to getting closer to Jesus and one another. We do have an emergency contact number so that you can be reached by a family member in case of an emergency.

Do I need to provide refreshments?2021-04-27T21:18:52-04:00

Country Lake offers complimentary beverages at the main lodge including hot coffee, tea and cocoa.  Fresh water is also provided.  Many groups bring their favorite goodies to snack on (which is acceptable) but CL also provides a snack offering for groups for a very small fee which allows our guests to relax and enjoy the retreat without worrying about refreshments.  Inquire with your booking coordinator about snack options.

Is an Indiana fishing license required?2021-04-27T21:18:04-04:00

Country Lake is a privately owned property and lake and is not fed by another water source.  Therefore no fishing license is required.

Can I fish?2021-04-27T21:17:39-04:00

Fishing is not only permitted but encouraged.  Although there are some restrictions during camp season (summer), there are many opportunities for fishing the rest of the year.  We ask that all visitors sign in at the Main Lodge upon arrival and departure.  Feel free to call ahead to make sure fishing is permitted for the day before making the trip at 812.294.4789.  We also ask that all visitors honor the guidelines of Country Lake in order to maintain a suitable environment for other guests.  The current fishing guidelines include Catch and Release only!

Are the facilities handicapped accessible?2021-04-27T21:17:14-04:00


Do I need to bring linens?2021-04-27T21:16:54-04:00

At the Retreat Center, towels, washcloths, and bed linens are provided. At the Ranch Dorms, all linens are provided by the guests (beds are bunk beds with twin mattresses).

Are pets allowed?2021-04-27T21:16:32-04:00

Due to the number of guests that we have and the facilities that we maintain for all visitors, we ask that you not bring pets with you during your stay or visit.

Is a deposit required?2021-04-27T21:16:10-04:00

When do we pay the bill? In order to reserve space at CLCR, a signed contract and deposit is required. The amount of the deposit is determined by your reservation and is indicated on your paperwork. Payment is due upon arrival

What do we do about food?2021-04-27T21:15:50-04:00

We have a full time kitchen team on staff and provide food service options for just about every scenario from providing a picnic style grill menu to a full service buffet with soup & salad bar, hot entrées and delectable desserts. Although most menus are chef’s choice, we do our best to accommodate guest requests as well as food related allergies. If you will be attending an upcoming retreat with us and would like to let us know about your food allergy, you can do so by clicking HERE.

What is there to do?2021-04-27T21:14:55-04:00

From team building to family outings there are lots of options. Visit our Activities page for a complete list which includes hiking, fishing, boating, beach volleyball, basketball, low ropes challenge course (Temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions), high ropes, archery, paintball, axe throwing, mega zip line and more.

How many outdoor group spaces are available?2021-04-27T21:14:32-04:00

At the Retreat Center, two large outdoor decks and two small gazebos. At the Ranch, there are 4 porches, 9 shelters, and 3 gazebos available for group breakouts.

How many conference rooms are available in the Retreat Center?2021-04-27T21:14:04-04:00

There are six dedicated conference rooms available and can be setup according to your specific needs.  The capacity in conference/meeting rooms ranges from 20 – 200 depending on the way it is set.

How much does it cost?2021-04-27T21:13:42-04:00

Our prices vary based on the facility and accommodations you are requesting.  See specific pricing guides under facilities for more details or feel free to contact us anytime.  You can also contact our Booking Coordinator for additional information or to begin planning for your event.  For the Ranch (dorms), or the Retreat Center (hotel), Christina Heisler can be reached at  You can also call the main office. 812.294.4789.

Are families allowed to have outings?2021-04-27T21:13:19-04:00

Country Lake offers a fantastic opportunity for families to get away, spend time together and build memories that will last forever.  Although availability is sometimes a challenge on the weekends, we would love to accommodate when we are able.  Feel free to call an inquire any time.

What type of swimsuits are allowed?2021-04-27T21:12:55-04:00

Our desire is to offer an environment that reflects Christ and embraces the concept of modesty.  We ask that girls wear modest, one-piece swimsuits and guys wear modest swim trunks (no Speedos please).

Is swimming available for all guests?2021-04-27T21:12:30-04:00

Swimming is a big part of Country Lake in the summer with the fun and adventurous lake toys, water zip line and trapeze and water safety is our top priority.  In order to accommodate our guests and make for an exciting, safe and memorable experience, your booking coordinator will help reserve swim times for you during the planning process for your outing.  ALL lake toys and swim areas require a certified Country Lake lifeguard to be on duty and the beach is not open for public swimming at any time.

How far are you from Louisville?2021-04-27T21:12:01-04:00

We are 24 miles north of downtown Louisville and just off of Interstate 65 at Exit 19 (Henryville).

Is Country Lake open for walk-in reservations?2021-04-27T21:11:36-04:00

CLCR is not a public facility and is not open to walk-in reservations.  We are better able to serve our guests with advanced notice.  However, we do recognize that there are unusual circumstances that allow very little notice.  Please feel free to contact us and if we can accommodate on short notice, we will do our best.  We are set up to accommodate groups of various sizes (from 10 – 700) rather than individuals like a hotel.

Is Wi-Fi available for guests?2021-04-27T21:11:09-04:00

Yes.  Country Lake offers free Wi-Fi for guests in designated areas (Wi-Fi not available in hotel rooms or dorms).  Although Wi-Fi is available for use in most meeting rooms and conference areas, we suggest downloading content before your session (rather than live streaming) to avoid the distraction of “technical difficulties”.

Is Country Lake only for Southeast Christian groups?2021-04-27T21:10:41-04:00

Country Lake Christian Retreat is a 501c(3) ministry that is owned by Southeast Christian Church.  However, the ministry of Country Lake is to serve our community and we are happy to accommodate many groups who desire to find a place that is conducive to our mission of connecting people to Jesus and one another

Is Country Lake open year around?2021-04-27T21:09:55-04:00

Yes.  Country Lake serves as an ideal location for retreats, camps, meetings and group getaways throughout the year.  In order for staff to spend time with their families, we are closed December 24 – January 1.

How do I get to Country Lake?2021-04-27T21:09:25-04:00

From the South (Louisville area): Take I-65 North to Henryville Exit #19 Turn RIGHT at end of ramp. At the 4-way stop Turn LEFT onto Hwy 31 North. Proceed approximately 1.4 miles and veer LEFT onto Brownstown Rd.  Travel approximately 1.7 miles and turn RIGHT onto Country Lake Road. The main entrance to Country Lake will be about .3 miles ahead on your LEFT at 815 Country Lake Road, Underwood, IN 47177.

From the North (Indianapolis area): Take I-65 South to Henryville Exit #19 Turn LEFT at end of ramp. At the 4-Way stop turn LEFT onto Hwy 31 North. Proceed approximately 1.4 miles and veer LEFT onto Brownstown Rd.  Travel approximately 1.7 miles and turn RIGHT onto Country Lake Road. The main entrance to Country Lake will be about .3 miles ahead on your LEFT at 815 Country Lake Road, Underwood, IN 47177.

Can I make contribution to the ministry?2021-04-27T21:09:00-04:00

We are grateful for all contributions and rely heavily on them to offer scholarships, complete projects and upgrade equipment each year – especially a year like this has been. Country Lake is a non-profit, 501(c)3 ministry and operates independently.  Contributions are tax deductible and contribution letters will be provided for all monetary or material contributions that are not in exchange for a product or service.

Our desire is never to turn a child or family away due to financial challenges.  The average cost to send a child to camp is $200 and $500 for a family.  Summer camp impacts over 4,500 lives each year and we are able to continue seeing growth through contributions like yours. Contributions must be received before December 31 to be included as a tax deduction for that calendar year.

Online contributions can be made by clicking HERE.

We also utilize equipment year around to maintain the property. We accept donations of equipment and are currently in need of a backhoe, diesel generator and skid steer with rubber tracks. If you are in a position to support the ministry in that manner, please connect with us at

We can also accept contributions by check.  Simply mail to:

Country Lake Christian Retreat

815 Country Lake Rd.

Underwood, IN 47177

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